Jiaogulan Testimonials

I had real bad back spasms due in part to the high blood pressure medication that I was taking. The doctor changed it to a different type of HBP medication and at the same time I started taking this tea along with magnesium supplements to help get rid of the back spasms. After about two weeks the back spasms were gone completely and I felt like I was 21 years old again (am past 60 y/y), I had not felt this good in a long time. I thought that the magnesium supplements were the ones responsible for getting rid of the back spasms so I stopped drinking the tea. A month later the back spasms came back. I went to the doctor again who sent me to the physical therapist and that helped a bit, but I started drinking the tea again and stopped taking the magnesium supplements because I don’t want to be in pain again and to help me with the high blood pressure. It’s been 6 weeks now that I have been drinking the tea in the mornings instead of coffee with sugar and milk. I am so happy I started drinking this tea, I feel great, full of energy and strength, no more joint pain or body aches and best of all I have lost 12 lbs. I have not done any exercise (which I should) or followed any diet to be loosing this much weight. Most of the weigh has come off from my waist area. I was physically bloated and felt it every day, but this tea has gotten rid of the bloating in my belly. I love this tea and will continue to drink it for the rest of my life. My blood pressure has gotten better and I have cut down on the dosage that I take. Thank you for bringing awareness to all of us about this majestic herb, it really is majestic. Love it!Bella Serrano
I wish to confirm your tea tastes great. My wife and myself are having a very good time with it. For just two weeks, I have lost 3 kg, from 88kg end Oct to 85kg as at this morning. The usual dreariness which comes over me in the office in the early afternoon which makes me lock my office and doze off for about 30 mins has already become history. Pains in the knee whilst climbing stairs is also fading away and many more which I will take time to chronicle for you later.Dela Husunukpe from Ghana
The active ingredient in Jiaogulan is gypenosides. We have been using Jiaogulan gypenosides in our clinic for over 5 years and have seen amazing results in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. The results do vary from patient to patient, but 90% plus do have positive results. I have seen the systolic pressure lower from 10 points to 45 points and the diastolic lower from 5 to 30 points. Many have noticed results starting within a few days, but the average is closer to 3 to 4 weeks. Another attribute of Jiaogulan gypenosides is that it does not seem to lower blood pressure if the blood pressure is already normal.Dr.Bruce Blinzer ND, in practice for over 30 years at his clinic the Holistic Naturopathic Center located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
I’m seeing phenomenal results in my patients with Jiaogulan gypenosides. I have several patients on them. The best story is a 74 – year old male who had bypass surgery and was on a few heart medications. I started him on 2 pills 3 times a day. Now he is taking 1 pill twice a day. His blood pressure is down to 120/72 and he is back working and extremely happy.

Another patient, a 56-year old on Coumadin and 3 or 4 heart medications was having arrhythmia with a very irregular heart beat. He is now off all chemical medications, taking 1 pill 3 times a day. His arrhythmia is almost gone.

I also had a young woman come in about 2 months ago with a lot of pain. It was a problem with a nerve. Bone had grown around her nerve. She was given different therapies to alleviate her pain, none of which worked. Out of desperation, I tried Jiaogulan Pills. Now she reports back that she is pain free. I was quite impressed.

Another patient came in with hypertension. I started him on 3 pills 1 x a day, with no effect. Then I increased the dosage to 3 pills 3 x a day. Within 2 days his blood pressure started coming down.Dr. Conrad Dean ND, in practice for over 25 years at his Alternative Wellness Center located in Hobbs, New Mexico
I have at least 8 persons who I am giving [Jiaogulan herbal pills] to. Seven of them are reporting an increase of energy. They feel it is stronger than ginseng. One person reports it decreases their anxiety. Two of them notice a significant improvement in digestion and bowel movement—one of them is my daughter. In another, it is keeping cholesterol and triglycerides down. Two of my patients, who are taking statins, are reporting muscle aches. There is great concern about statins now with the information about Baycol. My sister, with fibromyalgia, has painful muscles. She takes one pill in the morning and one in evening and is experiencing a decrease in pain.Dr. Carlos Barcena, M.D. from Mexico
Jiaogulan has become one of my top choices for healing weakened adrenal function. I am very impressed with how many people respond to jiaogulan for adrenal support and building the Kapha energy for strengthening the upper respiratory system.Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. from Arizona
Actually the main reason we prescribe jiaogulan is for high blood pressure. Although it did not work on a few patients, we’ve been treating about 15-20 people with it and it’s been successful in lowering and maintaining their blood pressure. A couple of those people have made the comment that they also felt better since taking jiaogulan. There’s one gentleman whose medical doctors gave up on him—none of their drugs worked. Nor did any of the alternative treatments that we gave him work, until he tried jiaogulan.Kenneth Piller, N.D. from Idaho
I’m very excited about jiaogulan. I could not believe that it actually helped my PVA (Premature Ventricular Contraction), and within a short time. Not only that; I recently developed high blood pressure and it brought it down. I’d like to place another order.Dr. David Walsh, M.D. from Alabama
I'm a 71 years old woman and I started drinking jiaogulan 3 months ago. I don't have any health conditions, so I'm very lucky in that regard for my age, but started taking Jiaogulan for prevention and maybe to get more energy during the day, as I still do some work as a jeweler for different stores around town. After the first few weeks I noticed feeling perkier and less tired. Last week I had a few big orders that I had to work on over several days, which happens from time to time but not too often. Usually I'd feel tired after working for half a day or a day, and I'd need to take a break or take the rest of the day off. So I was quite surprised this time around because I was able to do all my work in 3 days practically without much of a break, and I did not feel tired and was even energized! I don't know if it's the tea or if it's just a placebo effect, but I definitely felt a big difference!Maria D. from Montreal, Canada
I started drinking jiaogulan 6 months ago because of a friend's recommendation. I was skeptical because I've taken a number of different herbs and supplements in the past and never felt any tangible effects, but decided to give it a try anyway as my friend did seem to love it. I didn't feel any different during the first week, but I did have more regular and bigger bowel movement than usual. The second week I noticed that I was getting involuntary erections at night, which was odd because this hadn't happened in many years (I'm 38). In the following weeks I started noticing a subtle but tangible feeling of being more energized, yet calm and more focused. The stress at my engineering job was the same, but I felt it was affecting me less. I also started feeling less tired at the gym, and found I could lift heavier weights (or more reps for same weight) than I used to before. Another thing is that I usually have a cold sore outbreak once or twice per year, and it would last for at least a couple of weeks and would get pretty funky, which is extremely annoying and embarrassing. Not sure why, but since I started drinking jiaogulan I've been having more outbreaks - 3 in the past 6 months already, which is way more than usual. However, the cold sores would barely form, and would disappear within 2-3 days max, which has never happened before! I'm guessing this is because of the immune system boosting effect of the herb? Finally, before starting to drink jiaogulan I had a strange buldge on the lower right part of my abdomen. It would come and go (something to do with the intestines), and would usually form in the evening after a meal. Not sure what was causing it as I never went to have it checked by my doctor (it wasn't painful and wasn't really bothering me), but after about a couple of months of jiaogulan it completely disappeared and hasn't been back.. Overall, I highly recommend this herb because it really seems to have positive effects on me and my friend who recommended it. Michael K. from Canada
The name says it all ! As a mother of a very active 4 years old boy I was looking for something that can increase my energy levels and reduce my stress and anxiety at the same time.. I started drinking Jiaogulan 4 weeks ago and noticed the effects about 2 weeks ago . I was skeptical at first, but after the first cup I knew I would be reordering.. The flavour is fantastic, pure and so intense .. Now I have the energy boost I wanted and feel like I can do even more things ..and it does soothe me on a busy day.. It has also relieved me of any bloating that I have been having.. I love it and would highly recommend !Ralia P. from Australia
I’ve gotten my first good night’s sleep in 5 years, in spite of all the stress in my life, and without changing anything else. Thank you.Benét L., from US, Sleep Issues
I really like the Jiaogulan Tea (pronounced jee-OW-goo-lan). Before l started drinking this tea, my feet would go to sleep and be cold and my hands would tingle. When I drink this tea, they don't go to sleep and my hands don't tingle any more. Jiaogulan Tea is my favorite product. I drink the tea throughout the day and right before going to bed for a good nights rest. Steve C. from GA
I was hesitant to try the anti aging tea as I thought I wouldn’t like the taste, however I was pleasantly surprised as it is a great taste.. I used to drink one of the well known night cap drinks at bed time but found it didn’t help me to sleep as promised and was heavy in my stomach. Whereas the Tea was much lighter and helped me to a quicker sounder sleep. I also have a mug with my breakfast, and if I have a heavy meal and feel a bit over full, then a mug of the tea is really great to take away that bloated feeling. It is also very economical, 1 teaspoonful easily makes 2 – 4 cups. I would recommend to everyone as being a Healthy alternative which cuts out the use of milk and sugar.Derek E. from England
I started taking jiaogulan for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I have been using it for 4 years now without any side effects. During this time, I could cut out all blood pressure medicines and half the amount of atorvastatin to reduce cholesterol levels. It may even work on its own but on medical advice I kept a minimum amount of Western medicine.Matt M., 60yo.
I've been taking this in tea for a number of years and as far as i know i'm healthy. I'm 31, male, don't currently do much exercise, smoke, but look and feel fit and recently lost a stone, but probably through diet, not healthy but less food. Whether this herb works or not, if you are a true tea lover (that's no milk no sugar), you'll love this, particularly if you like green tea or sweet things (not that I'm suggesting green tea is sweet). It's like a sweet tasting green tea, because that's exactly what it is. I highly recommend. I've taken in conjunction with ibruprofen and the ibruprofen remained very effective, but if you are taking one of the other medications for something serious, that it says it could effect, I would avoid, particularly the pregnancy/Brest feeding side. Anonymous
I have been using jiaogulan for over 10 years now, and i have found it very good. I used to have type 2 diabetes, and after using this herb every day, I have found my sugar to be less, and my diabetes has actually went away, and I am no longer a diabetic. I discovered this herb in China when I was living there. From visiting a Traditional chinese herbalist she told me about all of the Proven healing properties of this herb, At first it was hard to believe, until I visited some of the locals of ??? and heard their stories of how many people who had cancer actually drank this tea for many years, and were actually cured from their cancer. Many people who read this may not believe this at all, but i am really not asking any one to believe me, I am asking anyone who has Cancer, Diabetes, Weight Issues, High Blood pressure, to try this Herb in loose tea form, and you will experience the amazing benefits of this herb. Many doctors may not want anyone to believe the health benefits because having people take Toxic medication is a Billion dollar profit that corporations are making. Other than just my diabetes going away I also had Fibroid Tumours. I consumed this tea for about two years at the time, and after the second year I went back to the doctors and the Fibroid Tumours were gone. It was so amazing to me. I could think of only one thing, The Jiaogulan herb helped them disappear. Or it could be from the anti cancer Green Tea I consume everyday. I found taking this to be a life changing experience, so please try this herb.. Now to describe the taste. It really did not have much flavour to it, though it did have a lingering taste. Susie S. from UK
This tea is not as sorted as other Jiaogulan Teas I have bought in the past however it taste just as good and at about a third of the price I will only be buying Majestic Herbs brand. It is still organic and has 100g compared to about 30g in most other packages for around the same price. I have been drinking this type of tea everyday for a few months now and I must say I feel great. I have stopped drinking coffee all together and only drink this. Funny thing is I have just as much energy and there is no caffeine in this tea. Its more of a constant fresh energy not jittery like I get if I drink too much coffee.Michael Kopper
I am now 62 years old . A long time ago I took ma huang as a diet pill and it took my blood pressure up above 200/102. I immediately took herbs to help reduce it and it came down , but never below 140/90. It fluctuated up and down a bit, but never returned to normal again , even with exercise and chiropractic treatments.

Then I spoke to DR. Janet Maccaro and read her book, Immune System Makeover. After reading her account about Jiaogulan Herb, I called her to inquire more about it. She told me to take 3 pills , 3 times a day. After a few weeks, my blood pressure was back down to 117/74, and has never gone high again. I am so convinced about it, because I take my own blood pressure regularly, and know how to do it accurately, because of being a registered nurse for many years.Elizabeth F., from RN, Florida
I have a thyroid problem and take allopathic medicine for it. Even with the medicine I would sometimes tend to be hyper, or jittery, and sometimes hypo, or lethargic. Also my cholesterol has been very high, a total of 316 points. My blood pressure has also been a bit high. I have regular checkups on my blood, due to seriousness of my situation, and here are the results:

After one month of taking Jiaogulan pills, my cholesterol went down 60 points. After four months, my cholesterol was down 120 points from it's original high. Also my triglyceride level has gone down from 260 to 129. My fluctuating hyper and hypo moods have stabilized, I feel 100% better, and my blood pressure is now normal. Consider me a grateful long term customer.Linda C. from Texas
I am now 83 years old. Until about two years ago I had slightly lower blood pressure than the average. After paying little attention to a rise in blood pressure, I had a small stroke. The good news is that your jiaogulan pills have lowered my blood pressure back to only a few digits higher than my old "normal". Also my tendency toward high blood sugar is completely under control. I do not wish to be without Jiaogulan pills ever again.John R. M. from Florida
I’ve been taking Jiaogulan for six weeks now and really started feeling the effects about three weeks ago. I feel that I have more energy and deal better with stress but it’s not just that. For the first time in many years I simply feel like doing things. Trying new experiences, getting in touch with family and friends, completing half-completed projects. Preparing Jiaogulan tea has already become something of a ritual; once the pot is ready I sit down and with renewed resolve I write that email, make that call, finish that proposal.Marc F. from Montreal, Canada
Amazing vitalising herb; immediate effect. My life long health problems have led me to research a wide variety of natural alternatives. I am on Adrenal Glandular (which I might need for the rest of my life). I get easily exhausted, and when I do my dopamine goes down and serotonin up (for genetic reasons). It was so difficult to find something that raises dopamine without raising serotonin. Jiaogulan does just that (in general; not just for me)! It also modulates immune activity, so it is helpful for autoimmune disease. Amazing plant, and I've only started to explore it. For the first time in three years I could go without the adrenal glandular and not get the adrenal crisis symptoms! I'm in awe. I don't know how it works in long term though; keep my fingers crossed that it does.Jon D. from Alberta, Canada
I had been on the Jiaogulan Tea for three weeks when I went for blood work. My cholesterol was down to normal. It went down 39 points. My blood pressure went down 20 points. I am still on medication but there was not a change until I got on the tea. Alice W. from VA
The Blood Glucose decrease I have been able to test it in blood test and it worked. Most of its 'beneficial' effects beyond the diabetic effects come from inducing antioxidant enzymes and protecting cells from oxidative damage over time. There seems to be a motif where preloading and chronic loading is very protective at low doses, and acute supplementation or rehabilitation (taking the supplement after the stressor) appears to be less effective. As such, the health effects of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum appear to be more prophylactic rather than rehabilitative or therapeutic. So, it prevents, but after the disease appears it does not cure, this is why I combine it with reishi who does act during the disease.Anonymous
As an avid coffee drinker, I was surprised by complex flavor and subtle but sustained increase in energy I felt throughout the day. This is the only tea I will drink. Btw, I brew the tea&store it cold& drink it instead of water.Billie T.
Reputation pumped expectations. With a little research on the Web, I learned Majestic Herbs offers a superior product. This is an interesting herb, bright-sweet and somewhat bitter at once, and highly refreshing in our altitude’s intense sun. Seems to have strengthened digestion already, and it’s only been a week. Wild.Rob