Jiaogulan FAQ

The effects experienced from daily consumption of Jiaogulan can vary greatly between individuals. It depends on your overall physical and mental health, age, stress level, energy and fitness level, etc. For young and healthy people, Jiaogulan's effects are likely to be subtle, with a calming, yet energizing effect. You will feel like stress does not affect you as much as it used to, and you will feel more energy when doing physical exercise. You may also notice an improvement in memory and concentration at school or at work. For older people or people with various health conditions, the effects should be more pronounced, especially in terms of energy levels and, longer term, alleviation of health conditions that Jiaogulan has been shown to affect positively. For example, most people suffering from diabetes will start noticing an improvement in blood glucose levels within 4 to 8 weeks of daily Jiaogulan consumption, and further improvement the longer it is taken. Also, the impact on mental clarity and memory should be more noticeable than in younger people.