About Majestic Herbs

Majestic Herbs was founded with the goal of seeing greater awareness and access to safe and effective herbs as an alternative to ubiquitous and often expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

One appears harmless but hasn’t passed clinical trials. The other is clinically proven and regulated but not always safe.

In the 1930s, it was estimated that upwards of 70 percent of all medicines employed were plant products.

Fast forward 90 years and we now have a medical system that relies almost completely on patented chemicals, biologics or botanicals, which are in many cases far removed from the natural remedies found in the “Drug Store” of the past.

In the race to develop the latest medicines that will pass clinical trials and achieve monopolies on lucrative areas of ‘unmet need’, it seems modern medicine has forgotten its past.

Almost every drug sold today has a safe, natural-based, and oft-forgotten predecessor.

Medical, nursing, and pharmacy students used to be extensively educated in herbal medicines.

As can be seen from this circa 1932 US map, many drugs dispensed or prescribed originated from natural sources.

Map of Medicinal Plants of America

Back then, health professionals without an in-depth understanding of herbal treatments, simply wouldn’t have graduated.

Sadly, today a lot of herbal knowledge has been lost. Drug companies extensively market their products to medical students, a worrying trend of potential bias and indoctrination.

Many are simply unaware of beneficial alternative herbal remedies or worse still, assume all pharmaceuticals are safe.

It’s perhaps no surprise an increase in people with medical insurance in the US last year, corresponded with a 10 percent jump in the number of prescriptions filled, to nearly 4.4 billion.

The fact is Big Pharma is big business. And business and health don’t always make the best bedfellows.

We aren’t suggesting that there aren’t safe and effective pharmaceuticals or ineffective and dubiously marketed botanicals.

Some of the criticism aimed at the botanical industry is well founded. The marketing of unproven, ineffective botanicals has eroded consumer confidence in herbal alternatives and left the botanical industry vulnerable to criticism and heavy-handed regulation.

Very few botanical brands engage in rigorous science to ensure that their products deliver the health benefits their marketing claims.

Some of the heavily marketed products have been found to contain little of the original organic component their marketing was based on.

As a consequence, people have become dubious of the effectiveness of herbal remedies, contributing to the loss of more genuine herbal knowledge.

At Majestic Herbs we aim to preserve this knowledge and support genuinely beneficial herbal remedies with testimonials and genuine clinical data where possible.

A large reason for the absence of clinical data on many herbs is due to the system of drug approval that is currently in place.

The incentive to fund extremely expensive clinical trials only exists when there is the promise of a successful and marketable product at the trial's conclusion. Herbs in their purest form simply don’t provide the exclusivity or patentability would-be investors are looking for.

Our Mission

Majestic Herbs was founded to identify, demystify and recommend only the best, proven, herbal remedies supported with available clinical data.

We have extensively researched genuine scientific studies of herbal remedies and collated them here for you to make your decision on what’s best for your health.

Jiaogulan is the first of these, an amazing herb with an intriguing legend and a large amount of compelling clinical data revealing its holistic health benefits.

Our Commitment to Fair Trade and Helping Local Communities

We believe that most of the ills of the world today come as a result of unscrupulous individuals and corporations who are only concerned with gaining as much as possible for themselves at the expense of others.

We would like to see change, because we firmly believe that business, like any other human endeavor, should be cooperative and not competitive. When a business is conducted, it should either benefit all participants, or it should not be undertaken at all.

This is why we source our Jiaogulan directly from the indigenous hill-tribe communities of northern Thailand.

By eliminating middlemen, the farmers can get a fair price for their produce, because at Majestic Herbs we don't try to bargain for lower prices. If the asking price is fair, we simply pay it.

Which is why we personally go directly to the source, eliminating any middlemen. This creates less overhead costs for us, allowing us to pass the savings onto you, the end consumer.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our herbs are harvested by hand each month in the pristine mountains of northern Thailand to guarantee freshness.

Our herbs are cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers under the supervision of the Royal Project of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

This wildly successful initiative has helped solve problems of deforestation, poverty and opium production in hill-tribe communities through the replacement of historically relied on drug crops with legal ones that provide higher incomes and better way of life to local villages.

During the cultivation period our herbs are carefully nurtured and protected from harsh sunlight. Once the herbs are ready for harvesting, they are picked by hand and dried either by using the traditional pan drying method (during the dry season) or by using professional slow-ovens at very low temperatures (during the rain season).

What you get is pure Jiaogulan tea just as Mother Nature created and intended it - nothing more, nothing less.